“Sharon is a talented and professional coach who demonstrates a deep knowledge of her profession. Personable and respectful, she has a knack of instantly putting her client at ease”

Ascent Flight Training 

The National Trust in Wales needed to change; we were running a huge and worsening operating deficit and we urgently needed to reverse our position. We were a very new Senior Management Team that needed to act quickly, decisively and effectively. We needed help; what Sharon brought to Wales was not just experience and expertise in delivering change but the ability to build the capacity, capability, confidence and ability of the leadership team to deliver for themselves. Sharon bought a new way of thinking and doing to us and helped us work as an effective team to deliver success.

Assistant Director, Operations. National Trust Cymru 


What is coaching?

There are many definitions of what coaching is, but we like these two in particluar:

“Coaching is the activity whereby one person helps another to articulate and achieve their goals, through conversation” – Alison Hardingham, The Coach’s Coach

“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance” – John Whitmore, Coaching For Performance

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is beneficial for individuals looking for a safe, confidential place in which they can explore their thinking. They may want help in achieving goals, unlocking potential, making decisions, improving            confidence – the potential for change through coaching is enormous.

What is involved?

Our approach to coaching is to work as a partner to our clients. We begin by building a relationship on     mutual trust, honesty and respect, from which we can support and challenge them to think through and achieve their goals. Coaching can help silence your inner critic, giving you space to think and grow.

Types of coaching

In general we would divide the coaching work we do into four key areas:

Transition Coaching is the process of helping indiviudals through a period or process of change, such as moving to a new role or a different compnay, or taking on a leadership position. These changes can be    exciting but also fraught with uncertainty and even fear. Within a safe and supportive environment,           individuals are given the space and the tools to explore their thoughts and feelings, identify their priorities and clarify the resources and information they have in order to succeed in their new role.

Performance Alignment is perfect for those times when things just don’t seem to be going the way we want them to, and is aimed at anyone who feels they have temporarily ‘lost their footing’, who is concerned about their performance and maybe lacking in confidence. By providing a supportive ear and a fresh       perspective, Performance Alignment helps clients get ‘back on track’ and return to enjoying all elements of their lives.

Career Coaching offers individuals a chance to review their career situation, looking at four specific areas: talents and strengths, values, interests and passions, and market and personal constraints. With a clearer understanding of each area, our clients are able to make informed decisions about the direction they want to move in. We can then offer additional advice and guidance on such things as CV creation, interview preparation and making a positive first impression, if necessary.

Shadow Coaching involves having a professional coach join an individual in their day-to-day environment, observing how they behave and the impact they have on others. Feedback is then given in private sessions during which the client can discuss any differences between their intentions and the reality observed, as well as formulating plans to achieve greater alignment between the two.

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